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Until very recently you could be sure your rankings on search engines would be boosted if you fitted as many instances of your keyword for that page into the copy. Stuffing your page with keywords will no longer have the same effect and isn’t very pleasant for the reader either. Keyword research is a key player in technical SEO and content marketing, making all kinds of content relevant and searchable to users. Knowing the right keywords to target is the heart of SEO effectiveness. 

Keywords are the essential meeting point between a searcher's query and your website. Before you can begin any serious effort to improve your search rankings and traffic, Keyword research tells you how your customers are finding you, how they're finding your competitors, and how they could be finding your website more often.

Which Keyword Is Your Content Ranking For?

The success of SEO services is highly based on keywords and market situations. We will perform detailed keyword research. This will provide us with a lot of information about what people are searching for in your area, and which keywords should be optimized on your website.

There are several different types of keywords. It is vital to understand which keywords are right for you to make sure you are using them correctly and answering a user’s search intent. We use keyword research to provide strategic analysis to identify valuable organic traffic opportunities for your business and website.

The Four Main Types Are:

  • Short-tail – Three words or less. Typically have high search volumes and are competitive.
  • Long-tail – Over three words long. Tends to be more specific, helping you determine a user’s search intent easily and accurately.
  • Branded – Contain words that relate directly to a specific brand or company.
  • Geo-targeting – Target a specific location, such as a city or neighbourhood. Ideal for smaller, local businesses.

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We Will Conduct Research For Your Website

We use keyword research to provide strategic analysis to identify valuable organic traffic opportunities for your business and website. Our Keyword Research Services are designed to understand, identify and analyze keywords with commercial intent to attract visitors and convert them into paying customers. Not sure where to start with your SEO strategy? Let's talk. 

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