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What is a Static Website?

JunTech Web Solutions at its basic provides static website design services in Aruba. A static website is the most convenient and a comprehensive way to present your products and services online. With a decade of experience, we know exactly what local business websites need - from design, to website architecture, SEO optimization, and conversion factors - to help get you found in Google and get more inquiries from your customers.

Why Static Website Design?

Advantages of a Static Web Page Design

In recent years, static websites have gone from simple layout pages to becoming a widely used ecosystem to power-up robust SEO-friendly and lightning fast websites. Because of the wide range of benefits it offers, static websites are now used to bootstrap lots of websites and are becoming the basis for a variety of tools that even influence both web designers and developers.

  • Website based on Bootstrap Framework.
  • Easier to create and host.
  • Perfect for Small Businesses.
  • Unlike a dynamic website, static websites are cheaper to develop.
  • Static websites are easily crawled upon by the search engine spiders.
  • It is faster to load as compared to dynamic website.
  • Static websites are a safe bet compared to dynamic ones.
  • No feature of Content Management.
  • Negligible maintenance costs.

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