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About Our Website Design Process

We work in collaboration with our clients throughout the development process and beyond. On our quotes, we often include a brief outline of what will be involved in building a new website.

This can help our clients understand what they need to prepare for as well as give them an idea of how much time is required for each phase. We approach every project with energy, creativity and passion to learn more about your business. Below we have included an expanded version of this process:

Every Website Design Step Tailored To You

  • Web Design Brief: The discovery phase helps us understand your business, competition, opportunities and challenges. This knowledge feeds into all future decisions and enables us to give you the very best recommendations. Timescale: 1 week
  • Design Discovery Phase: If it’s a business website, your main goal will be increasing your business profits, but you’ll want to break that down into more specific and transitional goals as well, such as raising brand awareness or driving traffic into your store.
  • Planning: It’s at this point we create a site map, outline of routes users will navigate through your site and note any technical requirements or hurdles. We’ll discuss any requirements for content, photography, video and agree on timescales for delivery. Timescale: 1-2 weeks
  • Designing: We will take your information and design your website. Timescale: 2-3 weeks
  • Testing and Review: We'll notify you when your site is ready for review. Timescale: Throughout and 1 week pre going live.
  • Final Approval and Site Launch: Your website will be ready for you to approve and go live. Average Project Timescale: 8 weeks

Website Objectives and Purpose

  • Purpose: What is the purpose of the website? Do you want to provide information, promote a service, sell a product?
  • Goals: What do you hope to accomplish by building this website, for example, the more common goals are either to make money or share information?
  • Target Audience: Is there a specific group of people that will help you reach your goals? Can we build a picture of the “ideal” person you want to visit your website? We will consider their demographics as this may help to determine the best design style for your site.
  • Content: What kind of information will your target audience be looking for when they visit your site? Are they looking for information, a particular product or service, online ordering or booking?

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