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What is Technical SEO and why is it so important?

We start with an SEO audit and a competitive analysis. From that SEO audit, we create the SEO strategy that will grow your business. Technical SEO is the process of ensuring that technical on-site elements of a webpage are configured to maximize the potential organic visibility in search engines.

This includes making sure the website can be crawled easily and has an architecture best fitting to user experience and entity classifications. The practice of technical SEO itself is concerned with web technology factors that directly impact a search engine’s ability to crawl, render and index a website — which ultimately impacts on a site’s ability to rank for relevant keywords in search engines.

Google’s process of ranking a website can be broken down into four stages:

  • Crawl
    A web crawler, or spider, is a type of bot that is typically operated by search engines like Google and Bing. Their purpose is to index the content of websites all across the Internet so that those websites can appear in search engine results.
  • Render
    Rendering is a process used in web development that turns website code into the interactive pages users see when they visit a website.
  • Index
    Indexing of a website/webpage refers to adding the website/webpage information to search engine database that can be used by the search engines to display in search results for relevant queries.
  • Rank
    Rank refers to the position of a website or page in a list of search engine results for a specific keyword.

SEO Services to Boost Your Organic Traffic


Are you looking for SEO services in Aruba? Then you are at the right place. Search Engine Optimization or in its shorter phrase SEO brings more customers to your business by ranking your website higher on search engines. All of our web builds are designed with search in mind so SEO is never an after-thought.

We specialize in the delivery of Technical SEO services such as performance audits, domain, and content analysis to identify, solve and optimize website problems. If you’re looking for affordable SEO Services in Aruba, Caribbean, JWS Aruba is here for you!

Our SEO Services includes:

JunTech Web Solutions provides a complete and high quality SEO services. Having a SEO strategy is crucial for your website. Investing in effective technical SEO is making the right technical decisions overtime (whether small or large) which optimize a website and maximize its potential for search engine visibility.

These decisions add up overtime add up and lead to significant increase in organic traffic and therefore conversions. To learn more about our Design Services, please click below

SEO Website Audit

A SEO website audit is a standard procedure that should occur on a regular basis. A website audit will identify and provide solutions for your website’s main SEO issues. We provide you with a Website Audit report that will help you make changes to your website that have a huge impact on how it performs.

Keyword Planning

Keyword research is a key player in technical SEO and content marketing, making all kinds of content relevant and searchable to users. Knowing the right keywords to target is the heart of SEO effectiveness. Keywords are the essential meeting point between a searcher's query and your website.

On-page Optimization

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing your webpages to get a higher ranking in the SERPs. This type of SEO focuses on features you can control on your website, including content, keyword research, content creation, header tag design and appearance, and other technical elements.

Image Optimization

Images are critical whether it is marketing banners, product images or logos, it is impossible to imagine a website without images. SEO image optimization is the practice of making sure your images contain important information that explains what the image is about.

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Local search engine optimization is the process of making your business or company visible for location-based searches. It showcases your website in search results to customers located near you at the exact moment when they need your services.

Schema Markup

Schema is code, added to your website’s html, that allows search engines to better understand what information is contained on the web page. By increasing the rich snippets that appear beneath each page title, schema markup helps to improve your website and the way each page is displayed in search engines.

Off-Page SEO

For search engines that crawl the web, links are the streets between pages. Using sophisticated algorithms, the engines discover how pages are related to each other and in what ways. Your website moves up in search results when other relevant websites link back to

In-Depth SEO Reporting

What good is all of the SEO work we are doing for your business if you never hear about it? You receive a detailed, custom monthly report as well as weekly updates on all of the progress for your website. You can always email or call us with any questions you have.

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Contact us today and tell us about your business. Having your business found by customers on Google search results is essential for any small business. We want to learn as much as we can about you so we can put together a custom SEO strategy designed specifically to meet your business goals.

We also work to improve your website so that your customers will have an excellent user experience when they land there. If you need better web design, we can work with you to create a new website.