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What is a Static Website?

A static website uses server-side rendering to serve pre-built HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files to a web browser, in contrast to traditional dynamic sites that work by rendering the webpage at the time of the request. These pages don't change between visits. Because static websites don't use databases, libraries, or plugins, they load extremely quickly.

JWS Aruba websites are designed with search engines in mind and created in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using the Bootstrap responsive framework. Bootstrap is an uncluttered library of plain HTML and CSS, which I use to design custom search engine-friendly static websites that are fast and responsive. If you are in search of any company that can create a stunning static website for your business, then JWS Aruba is the best fit for you.

Why Static Website Design?

Advantages of a Static Web Page Design

A static website is the most convenient and comprehensive way to present your products and services online. Your website is the digital face of your company. Oftentimes, it’s also the first place potential customers engage with your business. Yet many of today’s websites are built with the structure of a traditional database-driven site like WordPress.

This type of website can be clunky, slow to load, a hassle for developers to maintain, and vulnerable to hackers. A static site can address many of these issues and may better serve your website's needs. With a decade of experience, we know exactly what local business websites need—from design to website architecture, SEO optimization, and conversion factors to help get you found in Google and get more inquiries from your customers.

  • Website based on Bootstrap Framework.
  • Easier to create and host.
  • Perfect for Small Businesses.
  • Unlike a dynamic website, static websites are cheaper to develop.
  • Static websites are easily crawled upon by the search engine spiders.
  • It is faster to load as compared to dynamic website.
  • Static websites are a safe bet compared to dynamic ones.
  • No feature of Content Management.
  • Negligible maintenance costs.

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